Baking and handcrafts have always been close to my heart, and cake making combines the two seamlessly.

Although I have loved baking since I was a child, it was only a few years ago that I found the art of cake crafting. I think I can safely say that my decorating skills have improved significantly in only a short period of time (you can see my first ever fondant covered cake from May 2012 shown on the right), and my ambition for creating better and more awesome cakes has grown a great deal along the way.

During autumn 2012 I started my Finnish blog, and a short while after that I created an English version. In order to grow even more with my hobby, I finally turned it into a small business in August 2013.

Company name came from my father, who suggested Juhlakuu (loosely translated to party moon/party month). What would be a better name for my business than that, as every month is a party month!

Future baker

Future baker in the mid 80’s