Parkour cake

Parkour cake


One of my cousin’s son’s hobbies is parkour, so also his birthday cake portrait that theme. The flavour of this cake was milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse.


Congratulations, Oskari!


Finnish baseball player’s cake decoration

Finnish baseball player's cake decoration


This decoration went on to decorate a Finnish baseball player’s 30th birthday cake. The entire decoration was made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Antti!


Ice hockey referee’s birthday cake


Ice hockey referee's birthday cake

Ice hockey referee's birthday cake


This ice hockey referee’s shirt hid inside it a cake filled with strawberry quark.

The icing and the decorations were fondant (in addition there were a couple digestive bisquits inside the buck).




Iina’s 7th birthday figure skating cake

Iina's 7th birthday figure skating cake



Iina’s 7th birthday with her family was celebrated yesterday with a figure skating theme.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark and iced with buttercream. The skates and the sequins were fondant.


Congratulations, Iina!


Meri’s 13th birthday cake decoration


The last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy making all kinds of cake decorations. Here’s the first one, and there’s more still to come.

For Meri’s birthday cake the request was for a decoration which had a white snowboard with pink peacock feathers and figure skates with pink laces. The decoration was made entirely out of fondant.


Congratulations, Meri!

Fondant figure skates

Fondant snowboard


Football cake

Football cake



This (slightly more challenging…) cake went to celebrate Johanna’s 18th birthday. Apparently Johanna’s great passions are football (or soccer if you prefer), nail painting and Germany, so the cake was to be a football or a half of one, and on top of it was supposed to be a hand  with nails painted in German flag’s colours. Typical for me, I changed that design to a slightly (ahem) more challenging one, and here’s the result.


Congratulations, Johanna!


Player number cake

Player number cake

This cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. On top of the cake the customer was going to craft a team logo herself.


Grown man’s golf cake

Golf cake

White chocolate golf ball and fondant tee

This cake was a birthday present from co-workers to a man who didn’t want any birthday celebrations at work. The man’s name and age will remain a mystery.

According to his co-workers, the man is a passionate golfer, and so the cake was to be “simple and elegantly manly as well as moderately golf themed”. So imagine that the bottom border is not pearls but a row of tiny golf balls. :)

This simple (and hopefully elegantly manly) cake had a lactose free strawberry filling. The golf ball was made entirely of white chocolate, and the golf tee was made of fondant.




Football / ice hockey cake

This week I was given quite a challenge, when I received an order for two tiered cakes for the same day.

This cake was for 11-year-old Eelis, and it was supposed to be half a football (or soccer ball, if you prefer) on top of an ice hockey puck. I have to say it was a challenge in itself to make the puck look like a puck, when even the top (where the logos, texts etc. usually are) was covered. I hope it still resembles more of an ice hockey puck than just a black fondant covered cake. :)

Congratulations Eelis!