Wedding cake decorations

Yesterday a friend of mine got married, and I had the honour to make their wedding cakes’ decorations. The ideas for these decorations came from the couple, and the decorations tell a story close to their heart.


Congratulations, Paavo and Hanna!


Engineering students' graduation caps out of fondant

Fondant squirrel couple

Fondant apple tree

Fondant crib and teddy

Engineer student’s birthday cake

Engineer student's birthday cake


Fondant calculator
This cake went to an engineer student’s surprise birthday party. The student’s wife wanted the cake to have an engineer’s calculator, formulas and a dish brush “to remind him of the truth”.

Inside the cake was Baileys filling and the cake was covered with Baileys-flavoured buttercream icing.

The calculator and the dish brush were made out of fondant.
Fondant dish brush

Congratulations, Tomi!

Engineer student's birthday cake