Pavel’s dinosaur cake

Pavel's dinosaur cake

Fondant dino and white chocolate egg
3-year-old Pavel wanted a dinosaur cake for his birthday. The flavour was strawberry quark and the nest surface was biscuit crumbs. Baby dino was made out of fondant and the egg was white chocolate.


Congratulations, Pavel!


Luka’s 4th birthday cake

Luka's 4th birthday cake



Luka wanted his 4th birthday cake to have a reindeer theme. The flavour was lactose free strawberry quark, icing and the reindeer were fondant.


Congratulations, Luka!

50th birthday garden cake

50th birthday garden cake


Fondant couple


My auntie and her husband celebrated a joint 50th birthday, and the decoration ideas for their cake came from my auntie’s sisters.

The couple’s outfits came from their wedding, and in addition the cake had references to their shared garden project, children, pet tortoise and a hot tub.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. All decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Irja and Jeff!


Fondant children

Pihka’s Christening cake

Pihka's Christening cake


Pihka (which means tree resin in Finnish) has a very close to nature name, so naturally her Christening cake was close to nature as well.

The cake was filled with lactose free raspberry quark and topped with lactose free caramel. The sides were covered with whipped cream and ground hazelnut. There was also real (edible) young spruce twigs for decoration.


Congratulations to Pihka and the entire family!


Pigs in a mud bath cake

Pigs in a mud bath cake


Pigs in a mud bath cake


It was time for the famous pigs to bathe again. This Twix bar and chocolate ganache covered cake was filled with raspberry quark. The pigs and duck were made out of fondant.

Pile of rocks geocaching cake

Pile of rocks geocaching cake

Pile of rocks geocaching cake


This cake resembling a pile of rocks went to celebrate a geocaching enthusiast’s birthday. Inside the pile of rocks was a strawberry and white chocolate flavoured cake.

All decorations along with the hollow jar were made out of fondant. Inside the jar were a few fondant hearts the recipient’s 5-year-old son had made earlier.


Congratulations, Heli!


Tree stump cake

Tree stump cake



Today was my niece’s birthday party, and her birthday cake was (according to my niece’s instructions) a tree stump on which were a spider and a real pearl necklace, which she wanted as a birthday present.

This cake was filled with milk chocolate mousse. The icing was airbrushed cocoa buttercream and the sprider was made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Neela!


Eeli’s 2nd birthday cake

Eeli's 2nd birthday cake



Last year Eeli’s birthday cake had a pair of yellow chicks, and this year his birthday cake was a valley on which Eeli’s mum promised to add occupants.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. The decorations were once again made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Eeli!


Wedding cake decorations

Yesterday a friend of mine got married, and I had the honour to make their wedding cakes’ decorations. The ideas for these decorations came from the couple, and the decorations tell a story close to their heart.


Congratulations, Paavo and Hanna!


Engineering students' graduation caps out of fondant

Fondant squirrel couple

Fondant apple tree

Fondant crib and teddy

Fisherman decoration

Fondant fisherman decoration

Fondant fish


This has to be my furthest travelled order so far, as this fisherman and the other post’s sailboat decoration were transported all the way to Utö (hopefully they also arrived in one piece).

The instructions for this decoration were to have a fisherman in a row boat lifting a fishnet, as well as flounders, trouts and European whitefish. However, due to lack of room, only one flounder and one trout made the cut, but the fisherman seems to have his hands full with them too!