Watermelon cake

Watermelon cake


Watermelon cake

My brother’s wife wished for a combined birthday/graduation cake, but wasn’t sure what kind of a cake she’d want. Together we browsed the internet for ideas, and stumbled on carved watermelons, which became the inspiration for this cake’s theme (without carvings though).

This watermelon didn’t however taste of watermelon, as it had a caramel filling.

The watermelon’s colours were airbrushed on, and the seeds on top were made our of fondant.


Congratulations Heli!

Watermelon cake

Lime and white chocolate cake

Lime and white chocolate cake

Some time ago I organized a cake flavour competition on Juhlakuu’s Facebook page, and as a result, lime and white chocolate was added to the list of available cake flavours.

Research and development is now finished, and a recipe for the filling is now complete.



Lime and white chocolate filling (for a ø26cm cake)
 2-3 key limes (zest)
 5 dl double cream
 190 g mascarpone cheese
 230 g white chocolate


Melt the chocolate carefully in a microwave or on a double boiler. Wash the limes well and grate their zest in with the mascarpone. Add in melted but slightly cooled chocolate and mix until even.

Whip  the cream in a separate bowl and add the whipped cream into the mascarpone-chocolate mix. Stir well and spread in between cake layers.

Lime soda can be used to moisten the cake.

Apple cake

Apple cake

Apple cake with pony

6-year-old Iina is a big My Little Pony fan, and she really wanted an MPL cake. Any other pony cake just wouldn’t do.

Due to copyright reasons I of course couldn’t make an actual MLP cake, but in the end we reached a compromise with an apple shaped cake and a toy pony (which her mother brought to me) on top.

Only the stem and the leaf were fondant. The cake itself had a very finely smoothed butter cream frosting, and the colour was air brushed on.

Inside of course was an apple filling, what else : )


Congratulations Iina!


Mango-quark cake

This mango-quark cake was the second alternative on Roope’s and Taavi’s birthday.

The decorations on top are piped in white chocolate.