My niece’s 7th birthday cake

Stripe cake

the design for my niece's 7th birthday cake

This cake was very precisely defined and designed. Even so precisely, that this auntie decided to delegate its designer (the niece) herself to make and place the decorations – just so they won’t go wrong. I wrote a post about that already in the beginning of the month, and it can be found here.

The semi-sphere cake was to have strawberry and pear fillings (in different colour stripes, of course), and the cake was to be covered in pink and light green stripes. In addition, there was to be butterflies and a number 7 candle on top of the cake.

The design, butterfly decorations and their placement in this cake is my niece’s own doing. At least she got exactly the kind of a cake she wanted! : )


Congratulations Neela!


Stripe cake

The year’s first

the design for my niece's 7th birthday cake

This year’s first cake “order” was so precisely defined, that the “customer” (my niece) drew a picture of it.

Apparently in addition, the cake should have a number 7 candle and different colour butterflies on top of it. Because the look of the cake seemed to be really precise, I decided to invite my niece over to make the butterflies herself. That way they would be just the right colour and shape. As well as making my task easier (as no doubt my butterflies would have been wrong colour, wrong shape or just wrong looking), children really seem to enjoy this kind of hand crafting.

On top of all this, she can of course say that she’s made her own birthday cake :)

(The finished cake can be seen at the end of January)

My niece making her own decorations