High heel shoe cake

High heel shoe cake


A shoe-loving princess’ birthday cake was of course a shoe box with a high heel shoe and tiara on top. In order to make the shoe, I was able to borrow one of the birthday girl’s favourite pairs of shoes, which I naturally handled with kid gloves… : )

The flavour this time was blueberry and vanilla quark.


Congratulations Tiia!


High heel shoe out of fondant High heel shoe out of fondant

Chick cake

Chick cake

Fondant chicks


A year ago I had the honour of making a christening cake for little Eeli, and now this little man is turning one!

Eeli apparently likes a lot of chicks, so of course there had to be some on his birthday cake.

Inside this time was a caramel filling.


Congratulations Eeli!


The year’s first

the design for my niece's 7th birthday cake

This year’s first cake “order” was so precisely defined, that the “customer” (my niece) drew a picture of it.

Apparently in addition, the cake should have a number 7 candle and different colour butterflies on top of it. Because the look of the cake seemed to be really precise, I decided to invite my niece over to make the butterflies herself. That way they would be just the right colour and shape. As well as making my task easier (as no doubt my butterflies would have been wrong colour, wrong shape or just wrong looking), children really seem to enjoy this kind of hand crafting.

On top of all this, she can of course say that she’s made her own birthday cake :)

(The finished cake can be seen at the end of January)

My niece making her own decorations

Amphibious aircraft cake

Amphibious aircraft

Amphibious aircraft decoration (edible)

My brother’s birthday cake had the honours to be the last cake for this year, and at the same time the 40th layer cake I’ve made this year.

The theme (which changed slightly along the way) for this cake was decided around the time of his last birthday already, and originally the entire cake was supposed to be an airplane. However, due to lack of time, I ended up making the cake as water and the actual plane out of fondant, rice crispies treats, spaghetti and a few barbecue/cocktail sticks :)

Inside the cake was a banana and white chocolate filling.


Congratulations Pertti!


Amphibious aircraft

Crane cake

Crane cake

STS crane out of fondant

The very last cake order for this year had a very industrial theme, as (related to the celebrated man’s profession) it was supposed to have two different port cranes on top. Luckily these kinds of cranes are familiar to me too, as my day job is in fact in the very same company. Although I haven’t built edible cranes before. :)

 Inside the cake there was a season-appropriate vanilla and cinnamon apple filling. The colours for the STS (Ship-To-Shore) crane and the RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry) crane were the same as those from the man’s first projects. At some point during the construction of these cranes I almost lost belief in the whole project, but all’s well that ends well. Of course I wasn’t able to make all the little details to these miniature cranes, but I’m sure they’re still recognisable.

Congratulations Jani!

RTG crane out of fondant

30th birthday cake

30th birthday cake


Fondant rose


I got to design this tiramisu-flavoured birthday cake myself. The only wish was for it to be classically beautiful.


The flower was first supposed to be a peony, but somewhere along the line it turned into a rose. But never mind, roses are beautiful too.


Congratulations Kaisu!



Burlesque cake

I made this cake as a birthday present for my close friend’s 30th birthday party. The cake wasn’t a surprise, as we planned it together.

My friend is a burlesque enthusiast, so that became the theme for the cake.

All of the decorations were made (surprise, surprise) out of fondant. For the mask, I bought a plastic full face mask from a masquerade costume store, and let the fondant dry in its perfect shape on top of it. The mask’s decorative pattern was made with royal icing, which I painted with silver luster dust. The tassels were decorated with edible silver pearls and painted royal icing. The peacock feather got its colour from an airbrush.



Congratulations Henna!



Pirate treasure cake

Alexey got this pirate treasure cake filled with fresh (Belgian) strawberries as his birthday cake, and inside the fondant treasure chest was a map to his birthday present. :)


Congratulations Alexey!

Ami Tapani’s Christening cake

My trip “back to everyday life” started with yet another Christening cake. This cake took its design from Leevi Petteri’s naming cake I had made even before Juhlakuu, only this time a teddy was added in between the trainers.

I had a little blunder with this cake, as last night while at decorating stage of the cake, I noticed that this raspberry cake was in fact supposed to be strawberry flavour. For some reason I had written raspberry in the ingredients list of my order book.

Luckily raspberry flavour was fine with the customer, and I didn’t have to start making a new cake in the evening. Otherwise it would have been a long night…


Congratulations Ami Tapani!

Christening cake for a girl


This cute Christening cake had two different flavours inside: dark chocolate mousse and strawberry-white chocolate.

Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks!