Alexey’s 9th birthday cake

Alexey's 9th birthday cake



9-year-old Alexey loves fresh berries, so that’s what he wanted on his birthday cake – and lots of them!

Inside Alexey’s cake was fresh strawberries and cream-mascarpone filling. The frosting was cocoa buttercream topped off with chocolate ganache.


Congratulations, Alexey!


Cats in a mud bath -cake

Cats in a mud bath -cake Cats in a mud bath -cake

I happened to have time, so I made a friend of mine a surprise mud bath cake with Baileys mousse filling and fondant figures of her persian cats.

Cats in a mud bath -cake

Pavel’s dinosaur cake

Pavel's dinosaur cake

Fondant dino and white chocolate egg
3-year-old Pavel wanted a dinosaur cake for his birthday. The flavour was strawberry quark and the nest surface was biscuit crumbs. Baby dino was made out of fondant and the egg was white chocolate.


Congratulations, Pavel!


Chocolate and raspberry mousse cake

Chocolate and raspberry mousse cake



Kotileipomo Juhlakuu turns two today, and it’s time for a celebration!

A little time has passed since my last published recipe, so here’s another one:


Chocolate and raspberry mousse cake (for ø20cm cake tin)
Brownies-base (for ø25cm cake tin):
 140 g margarine
 250 g vaster sugar
 0,5 tsp vanilla sugar
 65 g dark cocoa powder
 2 eggs
 65 g plain flour
Chocolate mousse layer:
 3 leaves of gelatin
 1 tbsp water
 150 g milk chocolate
 180 g mascarpone cheese
 3 dl double cream
 Raspberry mousse layer:
 6 leaves of gelatin
 1,5 tbsp water
 200 g raspberry puree
 100 g vanilla quark
 3 dl double cream





Measure the margarine, sugar and cocoa powder into a heat resistant bowl and melt on a double boiler (or in a microwave) mixng every now and then, until the ingredients have melted and the mixture feels hot to the touch. Set aside to cool slightly.

Add eggs one at a time to the mixture stirring vigorously (this word was used in the original recipe : ) ) after each one. Add the flour and mix until evenly combined. Beat vigorously for another 40 strokes and then pour the batter into a lose base cake tin lined with baking paper. (I first layed a sheet of baking paper on top of the base of the tin, and closed the sides normally leaving the sheet smoothly in between. I then greased the sides of the tin, and circled a long straight piece of baking paper around the sides. This way I received a smooth finish)

Bake in the lower part of a 160°C oven for approximately 20 minutes. The brownie-mix is done when a toothpick pressed into the centre of the batter comes out almost clean. Leave to cool completely.

Once cooled, cut the base to the correct size (the fillings’ recipes are for a ø20cm cake as approx. 3cm layers).


Chocolate mousse layer: 

Place the gelatin leaves into a bowl of cold water and melt the chocolate.

Mix the chocolate into the mascarpone.

When the gelatin leaves are soft, squeeze out excess water and melt them with a tablespoonful of boiling hot water. Add the gelatin into the mascarpone-chocolate mix.

Whip the cream and fold carefully into the mascarpone-chocolate mix.

Spread the mix on top of the brownies base and leave to set in the fridge while you prepare the top layer. (Or preferably wait for a couple of hours for the first layer to set before adding the next)


Raspberry mousse layer:

Place the gelatin leaves into a bowl of cold water.

Mix together raspberry puree and vanilla quark.

When the gelatin leaves are soft, squeeze out excess water and melt them with boiling hot water. Mix evenly into the raspberry quark.

Whip the cream and fold carefully into the rasberry quark. Make sure the whipped cream is evenly incorporated.

Spread the mixture on top of the chocolate mousse layer and leave to set in a fridge for a few hours, or preferably over night.


Decorate as you wish and enjoy in a good company!

Multi themed birthday cake

Multi themed birthday cake

Fondant girl and candy flossThis cake combined a girl’s 9th birthday, girl’s boy cousin’s 11th birthday and boy’s grandparents’ 75th birthday, as they were all celebrated at the same time.

The girl’s cake was supposed to have a candy floss theme, the boy’s cake a war theme and the grandparents’ cake was and elegant birthday cake. I was slightly worried of how all of these different themes would work together, but the final result was surprisingly harmonic.

The flavour of this cake was milk chocolate mousse, all of the decorations were made of fondant and the cake was covered in airbrushed fondant.


Congratulations Helmi, Robin and grandparents!

Fondant soldier and minigun Fondant soldier and minigun

City skyline cake

City skyline cake



This city skyline cake was filled with dark chocolate mousse.

The sunset and the silhouette was airbrushed on.


Doughnut cake

Doughnut cake



This raspberry and white chocolate flavoured doughnut shaped cake went to celebrate a birthday on May Day Eve.


Congratulations, Jukka!


Happy 1st of May!


Parkour cake

Parkour cake


One of my cousin’s son’s hobbies is parkour, so also his birthday cake portrait that theme. The flavour of this cake was milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse.


Congratulations, Oskari!


Juuso Tapani’s Christening cake

Juuso Tapani's Christening cake


Today was little Juuso Tapani’s Christening, and it was celebrated with this lime and white chocolate flavoured cake, which was decorated with fondant baby shoes, bows and edible cake lace.


Congratulations to Juuso and the entire family!


Pigs in a mud bath cake

Pigs in a mud bath cake


Pigs in a mud bath cake


It was time for the famous pigs to bathe again. This Twix bar and chocolate ganache covered cake was filled with raspberry quark. The pigs and duck were made out of fondant.