Neela’s 9th birthday cake

Neela's 9th birthday cake
My niece Neela wanted her birthday cake to be light blue, tasting of strawberries and have “chunks” on top. These “chunks” as they call them are different kinds of small objects – for example diamond shaped plastic decorations or pieces of broker bicycle reflectors – with which she and her friends play.


Congratulations, Neela!


Dog cake

Dog cake



This adorable caramel pudding flavoured dog cake went to celebrate an 8-year-old girl’s birthday party.




Pavel’s dinosaur cake

Pavel's dinosaur cake

Fondant dino and white chocolate egg
3-year-old Pavel wanted a dinosaur cake for his birthday. The flavour was strawberry quark and the nest surface was biscuit crumbs. Baby dino was made out of fondant and the egg was white chocolate.


Congratulations, Pavel!


Ami’s fire truck cake

Ami's fire truck cake


Ami's fire truck cake

2-year-old Ami had a strawberry flavoured fire truck for his birthday cake.


Congratulations, Ami!


Luka’s 4th birthday cake

Luka's 4th birthday cake



Luka wanted his 4th birthday cake to have a reindeer theme. The flavour was lactose free strawberry quark, icing and the reindeer were fondant.


Congratulations, Luka!

50th birthday garden cake

50th birthday garden cake


Fondant couple


My auntie and her husband celebrated a joint 50th birthday, and the decoration ideas for their cake came from my auntie’s sisters.

The couple’s outfits came from their wedding, and in addition the cake had references to their shared garden project, children, pet tortoise and a hot tub.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. All decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Irja and Jeff!


Fondant children

Multi themed birthday cake

Multi themed birthday cake

Fondant girl and candy flossThis cake combined a girl’s 9th birthday, girl’s boy cousin’s 11th birthday and boy’s grandparents’ 75th birthday, as they were all celebrated at the same time.

The girl’s cake was supposed to have a candy floss theme, the boy’s cake a war theme and the grandparents’ cake was and elegant birthday cake. I was slightly worried of how all of these different themes would work together, but the final result was surprisingly harmonic.

The flavour of this cake was milk chocolate mousse, all of the decorations were made of fondant and the cake was covered in airbrushed fondant.


Congratulations Helmi, Robin and grandparents!

Fondant soldier and minigun Fondant soldier and minigun

Aapo’s 6th birthday cake

Aapo's 6th birthday cake


Aapo's 6th birthday cake

My nephew Aapo told me his birthday cake wish already around Christmas time, and about every time I’ve seen him since. The wish was very particular, and I wrote down every little detail to make sure I’d get it right. This cake may cause a déjà vu -phenomenon, as it was supposed to be almost identical to last year’s one.

Although I asked multiple defining questions and wrote everything down, I still managed to get criticism from my nephew; the apple was supposed to be bright red, and the text on the side was apparently wrong as well. Luckily I was mentally prepared for the criticism, as I expected there to be some. :D

Inside the cake the boy wanted a mint flavoured filling. That was very particular too, as it wasn’t supposed to taste like mint chocolate but regular mint, as the boy said. In my opinion the result (mint and white chocolate) mainly reminded me of toothpaste, but then again I’m not a big fan of mint.


Congratulations, Aapo!

(I’ll try to make the next cake more according to the order ;) )

Fanni’s princess cake


Fanni's princess cake

Sugar fondant princess


7-year-old Fanni celebrated her birthday with a lilac princess themed birthday cake.

The cake had a milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse filling and the princess sitting next to the cake was made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Fanni!


Joel’s police car cake

Joel's police car cake


Joel’s 4th birthday was celebrated already yesterday, but I wasn’t here to post a picture of the cake. The theme was a toy police car with eyes. Apparently Joel himself called this one Police Car Martti.

The cake itself was filled with milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse and covered with mocca butter cream.


Congratulations, Joel!