40th Birthday

Ice hockey referee’s birthday cake


Ice hockey referee's birthday cake

Ice hockey referee's birthday cake


This ice hockey referee’s shirt hid inside it a cake filled with strawberry quark.

The icing and the decorations were fondant (in addition there were a couple digestive bisquits inside the buck).




Crane cake

Crane cake

STS crane out of fondant

The very last cake order for this year had a very industrial theme, as (related to the celebrated man’s profession) it was supposed to have two different port cranes on top. Luckily these kinds of cranes are familiar to me too, as my day job is in fact in the very same company. Although I haven’t built edible cranes before. :)

 Inside the cake there was a season-appropriate vanilla and cinnamon apple filling. The colours for the STS (Ship-To-Shore) crane and the RTG (Rubber Tyred Gantry) crane were the same as those from the man’s first projects. At some point during the construction of these cranes I almost lost belief in the whole project, but all’s well that ends well. Of course I wasn’t able to make all the little details to these miniature cranes, but I’m sure they’re still recognisable.

Congratulations Jani!

RTG crane out of fondant