30th Birthday

Finnish baseball player’s cake decoration

Finnish baseball player's cake decoration


This decoration went on to decorate a Finnish baseball player’s 30th birthday cake. The entire decoration was made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Antti!


30th birthday cake

30th birthday cake


Fondant rose


I got to design this tiramisu-flavoured birthday cake myself. The only wish was for it to be classically beautiful.


The flower was first supposed to be a peony, but somewhere along the line it turned into a rose. But never mind, roses are beautiful too.


Congratulations Kaisu!



Burlesque cake

I made this cake as a birthday present for my close friend’s 30th birthday party. The cake wasn’t a surprise, as we planned it together.

My friend is a burlesque enthusiast, so that became the theme for the cake.

All of the decorations were made (surprise, surprise) out of fondant. For the mask, I bought a plastic full face mask from a masquerade costume store, and let the fondant dry in its perfect shape on top of it. The mask’s decorative pattern was made with royal icing, which I painted with silver luster dust. The tassels were decorated with edible silver pearls and painted royal icing. The peacock feather got its colour from an airbrush.



Congratulations Henna!



My friend’s 30th birthday cake



A week ago my really good friend’s husband sent me an invite to my friend’s surprise birthday party, and of course I agreed to make the cake (that way I don’t have to figure out what present to get… ;) )


This cake came together almost itself, as the idea was just to make “something” beautiful and elegant, but with a touch of glamour as well.


The cake topper in its entirety was made out of sugar, and for the flavour I chose lactose-free strawberry-quark as it appeals to most people’s taste.


Congratulations Outi!