Price and order information


Due to other work related reasons I am not able to take on any new orders until further notice.


Would you like to have a unique cake or cake decoration for your party?

Home bakery Kotileipomo Juhlakuu makes its cakes and edible decorations according to customer’s requests in a home kitchen in Hyvinkää, Finland.


It takes time to make unique cakes and decorations, so the price of the cakes is affected not only by the size of the cake, but also by the amount and difficulty of the decorations. I make cakes alongside my full time job, so all orders must be made at least two weeks before delivery.

In some cases I might be able to take an order with less than two weeks delivery time, but in those cases the price of the cake is increased by 25% for orders made 1-2 weeks before delivery, and by 50% for orders made less than a week before delivery. I am not able to make any cake with less than 3 days delivery time in any case.


Lingonberry cakePrices and payment:

Round cakes approx. 3-6€/person, minimum order 50€
Shaped cakes from 5€/person, minimum order 60€
Cheese and quark cakes approx. 2,50-3,50€/person, minimum order 25€
Dry cakes from 10€/cake
The price of cake decorations depend on their size and difficulty. Minimum order for separately sold decorations is 20€.


Every cake will be priced separately according to its size, flavor and level of difficulty. I will inform the final price before the order is confirmed. Once the customer verifies the order, I will send an invoice with payment details. The payment should be registered to my account at least 3 days before the scheduled pick-up. Cash payments must be agreed on individually. For orders over 100€, a down payment of 25% will be charged at the time of verification. If the customer cancels the order after the deposit has been paid, no refund is given for the payed amount.

If an order cannot be produced due to an illness or other insuperable obstacle, the payed amount will be returned in full.



All cakes need to be picked-up from Kotileipomo Juhlakuu in Hyvinkää at an agreed time. During the transportation the cake should be placed on an even surface, and sudden braking or other sudden moves should be avoided in order for the cake to survive intact. Temperature of the cake should not rise too much during transportation, so long-distance pick-ups are not recommended. The cake must be stored in a refrigerator (below 6°C), and its recommended use by date is 1-2 days after the pick-up.



Unfortunately shipping is not available.



Cakes can be made gluten free, and some flavours also lactose free, but for seriously allergic people (e.g. nut allergies) I cannot unfortunately make cakes, as the cakes are always baked in the same kitchen. Living in the same flat is also a dog, whose access to the kitchen however has been obstructed. Please consider these facts when placing an order.



Unfortunately I am not able to make cakes for more than 50 people.

Please also note that registered trademarks or models protected by the copyright law cannot be used in cakes either without the permission of the trademark or copyright owner.


Placing an order/request for quotation:

All contact should be made via e-mail or this contact form. Please incorporate your whole name in all communication.

Information subject to change.