Lime and white chocolate cake

Lime and white chocolate cake

Some time ago I organized a cake flavour competition on Juhlakuu’s Facebook page, and as a result, lime and white chocolate was added to the list of available cake flavours.

Research and development is now finished, and a recipe for the filling is now complete.



Lime and white chocolate filling (for a ø26cm cake)
 2-3 key limes (zest)
 5 dl double cream
 190 g mascarpone cheese
 230 g white chocolate


Melt the chocolate carefully in a microwave or on a double boiler. Wash the limes well and grate their zest in with the mascarpone. Add in melted but slightly cooled chocolate and mix until even.

Whip  the cream in a separate bowl and add the whipped cream into the mascarpone-chocolate mix. Stir well and spread in between cake layers.

Lime soda can be used to moisten the cake.