How much does a cake for (e.g.) 20 people cost?

The price of a cake consists of its size, shape, choice of flavour and the complexity of its decorations. Each cake is unique and therefore is priced separately. So feel free to ask for a quote!


In your old blog I saw a picture of a Disney-themed cake. Could I order one like it?

No. Unfortunately themes which are protected by the copyright law or a registered trademark cannot be used in commercial purposes without the permission of the trademark or copyright owner. During my old blog the operation wasn’t yet commercial.



How long does it take to make a cake?

Unique cakes and decorations take a lot of time. Especially a shaped cake with its decorations can even take as long as 15 work hours, and that doesn’t include the planning!


Why do you make such complicated cakes?

Making cakes is my hobby, and I like to test my limits and improve my skills. Making entirely new cake or decoration designs is a challenge which I gladly accept.


Are the decorations used on the cakes made out of marzipan?

No. In cake decorations and cake coverings I generally use sugar fondant, which doesn’t contain almonds unlike marzipan.

1-vuotis syntymäpäiväkakku tytölle


I live far away, is it possible to send decorations in post?

Sending decorations for example with Finnish SmartPost system is possible, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee that they will survive intact despite the most careful packing methods. For this reason I cannot give a money back guarantee in case the fragile sugar decorations would be damaged in transportation.


Could you organize a decorating master-class?

Unfortunately classes aren’t currently part of my services, but perhaps in the future…