Baby boy’s Christening cake decoration

Baby boy's Christening cake decoration


This adorable fondant baby left to decorate a baby boy’s Christening cake along with tiny blue fondant flowers.


Congratulations to the little one and his parents!


Competition, part 3

The competition for a new cake flavour is now finished, and the winner is lime and white chocolate.

I’ll have to make a test version of the new filling soon : )

Competition, part 2

Two weeks ago I launched a competition on Facebook for a new cake flavour. The competition was very tight, and three new flavours made their way to the next round: mango-passion, lime-white chocolate and pistachio.

The second round of the competition is now ongoing on Facebook, and the winning flavour will hopefully be announced on Sunday at 8pm.


Which one would be your favourite?




To celebrate the upcoming spring (and my birthday), I decided to have a competition on Juhlakuu’s Facebook page (only in Finnish, sorry). This competition will result in a brand new cake flavour, which will be launched on Friday 21st of February 2014.


Until this, the cake flavours have been:


Cake flavours:

Strawberry-white chocolate * / Strawberry-quark
Raspberry-white chocolate * / Raspberry-quark
Vanilla and cinnamon apple
Chocolate mousse (white- / milk- / dark-/ mint-) *
Caramel *
Tiramisu *
*) not available lactose free!

Juhlakuu in Kerava

As some of you may already have seen on Juhlakuu’s Facebook page, yesterday I went to the Laurea Kerava International Week to tell the story behind Juhlakuu.

I’m a former Laurea student myself, and when a teacher and a good friend of mine asked if I could give a presentation about Juhlakuu, I was in (almost) immediately. I was very nervous about the presentation for a long time, as I personally don’t think I’ve ever been very good at giving speeches.

Therefore I decided to save the situation by offering cupcakes to the audience, as baking I can do!

Auditorium was big and scary

I had about two months to make the presentation, but it still wasn’t finished until last weekend. At some point I decided not to do a traditional PowerPoint presentation with bullets and graphs, and instead show pictures of my cakes while I was telling my story. And of course last weekend’s cake needed to be in the presentation as well!

I wrote the frame of my speech well in advance (on Sunday evening), but in the end I ended up speaking about whatever crossed my mind at the time. It seemed to have worked, as I later on heard that (despite my nervousness) I had been “calm” and “natural”.

The cupcakes disappeared quickly after my presentation, and the audience seemed to be interested in my topic and (unlike normally) asked a lot of questions after my speech.

The cupcakes (in Juhlakuu’s colours of course) were made with the same recipe as the blueberry and white chocolate cupcakes I had made earlier for the opening party.

A few model pieces of fondant decorations got to travel with me to the presentation and despite the rainy weather they also survived the trip back home

Christening cake for twin boys


For this cake I received quite clear instructions on how the cake should look like. Only the cradle and the blanket were my ideas.

After this cake I regret that I haven’t had the time to practice my piping enough, as the lines of the swirls  in this cake aren’t as clean as they should be. I will now give myself piping practice homework to ensure that my piping is better on my next cake!

Chocolate swans


Today was my cousin’s wedding, and already when I received the invitation I decided to make the same kind of chocolate swans for a wedding present as I had made for my other cousin earlier in the summer.

Although I started making the swans in the beginning of the week, I almost couldn’t get them finished. The chocolate didn’t temper the same was as last time, and only the third and fourth attempt of the swans passed my quality control. For this reason I couldn’t start the dark chocolate pond until yesterday, but at that point I wasn’t yet afraid I couldn’t make it in time. After all, dark chocolate was a lot easier to temper last time as well.

The first attempt didn’t quite work out though, and I had to go to the local shop late at night to buy more chocolate. Third time’s the charm I thought as I stood by my kitchen stove at midnight tempering. It wasn’t though, as the washing I had left to dry elsewhere obviously raised the air humidity by so much that in the morning also that third attempt was dull and splotchy. At this point I started to think of a plan B to place just the white chocolate swans on a cardboard pond to swim around, but persistently I decided to try one more time. This time my persistence paid off, and I managed to get the chocolate successfully tempered.

In a hurry I forgot to take pictures of the finished piece before wrapping it, so I tried to get some pictures through the cellophane.

Next time I think I’ll start making the present as soon as I get an invitation…


Sugar fondant piggies


I was asked to make separate pig decorations such as in my Swimming pigs Twix cake, so here they are.

I would have loved to change the design on more than one pig, but the rather humid weather decided against it – so the jump-diving pig will have to wait. :)

The diver pig comes with a snorkel, but I wasn’t able to get that in the picture.



This is the beginning!

…Of a new chapter in life. Although when I’m writing this, my business hasn’t yet been registered in the Trade Register (and thus the web page hasn’t been published), I’m very optimistic that the first name option will be accepted.

At least (or should I say again?) I took a slightly bigger step in my life, when I decided dive into a ton of paperwork and change my hobby into an actually fully legal business. Perhaps the text on the wall above my bed, which tells me morning and night to Follow Your Dreams, has managed to create a clear focus in my subconscious, or perhaps it’s just another creation of my highly ambitious nature…

Whatever the reason, as I write this post, the only thing my business is lacking is the mark of it in the Trade Register (and I know this, because I’ve checked the Business Information System web page at least half hourly during business hours, and at least once a day outside hours). The municipal health officer’s required HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and notification of food establishment have been created and sent (and the approval to start the business has been granted), notification of a private trader has been sent to the Trade Register, and the business ID has been opened. Even the insurance is sorted – I just need to approve the quotation, and of course the website has been truly under construction for a couple of weeks now – and I’ve even ordered some business cards, as they were cheap. “The actual company name examination takes place after you have filed your start-up notification. Therefore we advise you to wait until your company name is registered before you order advertising signs or company stationery.” (

Yeah, yeah… :)