Saga’s Christening cakes

Saga's Christening cakes


Little Saga girl got her name today, and the Christening was celebrated with these milk chocolate and black currant mousse filled cakes.


Congratulations to Saga and her parents!


Christening cake train decoration

Christening cake train decoration


Two of these fondant trains travelled to decorate little Eemeli’s Christening cakes.


Congratulations to Eemeli and his parents!


Baby cake

Baby cake
My friend had a baby boy about a week ago and it was celebrated with this peach quark filled cake. Icing and decorations were out of fondant.




Baby boy’s Christening cake

Baby boy's Christening cake

Christening cake decorations



This weekend’s second Christening cake had milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse filling, and it was topped with cocoa buttercream. The cake was covered with whipped cream. The decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations little boy and his parents!


Pihka’s Christening cake

Pihka's Christening cake


Pihka (which means tree resin in Finnish) has a very close to nature name, so naturally her Christening cake was close to nature as well.

The cake was filled with lactose free raspberry quark and topped with lactose free caramel. The sides were covered with whipped cream and ground hazelnut. There was also real (edible) young spruce twigs for decoration.


Congratulations to Pihka and the entire family!


Juuso Tapani’s Christening cake

Juuso Tapani's Christening cake


Today was little Juuso Tapani’s Christening, and it was celebrated with this lime and white chocolate flavoured cake, which was decorated with fondant baby shoes, bows and edible cake lace.


Congratulations to Juuso and the entire family!


Jonathan’s Christening cake

Jonathan's Christening cake



Today was little Jonathan’s Christening day.




Eemeli Evert Joonatan’s Christening cake

Eemeli Evert Joonatan's Christening cake



Today was Eemeli Evert Joonatan’s Christening, and it was celebrated with this vanilla and cinnamon apple flavoured cake.


Congratulations to Eemeli, his parents and grandparents!


Christening cake for a baby boy

Christening cake for a baby boy


This gluten free Christening cake had a lactose free raspberry quark filling. Unfortunately though the actual Christening was postponed as the baby boy fell ill. Get well soon, little one!


Lumi’s Christening cake

Lumi's Christening cake



Little Lumi-girl’s Christening cake had sweet little baby shoes, tiny flowers and a bow. Inside was a lactose free strawberry quark filling.


Congratulations to Lumi and her parents!