Cream cakes

Stella’s strawberry cake

Stella's strawberry cake


Stella’s 4th birthday was celebrated last weekend with this strawberry and white chocolate mousse filled cream cake.


Congratulations, Stella!


Baby boy’s Christening cake

Baby boy's Christening cake

Christening cake decorations



This weekend’s second Christening cake had milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse filling, and it was topped with cocoa buttercream. The cake was covered with whipped cream. The decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations little boy and his parents!


Pihka’s Christening cake

Pihka's Christening cake


Pihka (which means tree resin in Finnish) has a very close to nature name, so naturally her Christening cake was close to nature as well.

The cake was filled with lactose free raspberry quark and topped with lactose free caramel. The sides were covered with whipped cream and ground hazelnut. There was also real (edible) young spruce twigs for decoration.


Congratulations to Pihka and the entire family!


Oona’s birthday cake

Oona's birthday cake

My friends’ daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday today, and I made her a rushed birthday cake (the picture was also taken in a rush and I didn’t have time to set up a better lighting).

The piping was all over the place (need more practice), but at least the cake tasted good. This whipped cream covered cake had a banana and white chocolate filling.


Congratulations, Oona!


Traditional caramel cake

Caramel cream cake

Fondant daisy
Mother’s Day has kept me busy all weekend, and the oven’s been in heavy use.

This very traditional caramel cream cake was the first one to be finished, and inside it was a tangy raspberry filling.