Neela’s 9th birthday cake

Neela's 9th birthday cake
My niece Neela wanted her birthday cake to be light blue, tasting of strawberries and have “chunks” on top. These “chunks” as they call them are different kinds of small objects – for example diamond shaped plastic decorations or pieces of broker bicycle reflectors – with which she and her friends play.


Congratulations, Neela!


Christmas present cake

Christmas present cake
This year’s last cake was a vanilla and cinnamon apple flavoured present.


With this I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!


Saga’s Christening cakes

Saga's Christening cakes


Little Saga girl got her name today, and the Christening was celebrated with these milk chocolate and black currant mousse filled cakes.


Congratulations to Saga and her parents!


Dog cake

Dog cake



This adorable caramel pudding flavoured dog cake went to celebrate an 8-year-old girl’s birthday party.




Alexey’s 9th birthday cake

Alexey's 9th birthday cake



9-year-old Alexey loves fresh berries, so that’s what he wanted on his birthday cake – and lots of them!

Inside Alexey’s cake was fresh strawberries and cream-mascarpone filling. The frosting was cocoa buttercream topped off with chocolate ganache.


Congratulations, Alexey!


Cats in a mud bath -cake

Cats in a mud bath -cake Cats in a mud bath -cake

I happened to have time, so I made a friend of mine a surprise mud bath cake with Baileys mousse filling and fondant figures of her persian cats.

Cats in a mud bath -cake

Sauna bucket cake

Sauna bucket cake



Joppe got this sauna themed, lime and white chocolate flavoured cake from his friend as a 60th birthday (or second 30th birthday) present.


Congratulations, Joppe!


Pavel’s dinosaur cake

Pavel's dinosaur cake

Fondant dino and white chocolate egg
3-year-old Pavel wanted a dinosaur cake for his birthday. The flavour was strawberry quark and the nest surface was biscuit crumbs. Baby dino was made out of fondant and the egg was white chocolate.


Congratulations, Pavel!


Army-geocaching cake

Army-geocaching cake


Army-geocaching cakeThis multithemed cake celebrated its receiver’s birthday, end of army training and geocaching event.

The decorations were yet again made our of fondant, the cake surface was airbrushed.


Congratulations, Tapio!

Army-geocaching cake

Ami’s fire truck cake

Ami's fire truck cake


Ami's fire truck cake

2-year-old Ami had a strawberry flavoured fire truck for his birthday cake.


Congratulations, Ami!