Cake decorations

Cats in a mud bath -cake

Cats in a mud bath -cake Cats in a mud bath -cake

I happened to have time, so I made a friend of mine a surprise mud bath cake with Baileys mousse filling and fondant figures of her persian cats.

Cats in a mud bath -cake

Christening cake train decoration

Christening cake train decoration


Two of these fondant trains travelled to decorate little Eemeli’s Christening cakes.


Congratulations to Eemeli and his parents!


Army-geocaching cake

Army-geocaching cake


Army-geocaching cakeThis multithemed cake celebrated its receiver’s birthday, end of army training and geocaching event.

The decorations were yet again made our of fondant, the cake surface was airbrushed.


Congratulations, Tapio!

Army-geocaching cake

Laura’s and Toni’s wedding cake decoration

Wedding cake decoration


Wedding cake decoration
Laura and Toni celebrated their wedding yesterday, and their wedding cake was topped with this unique fondant cake decoration.

The couple wanted their dogs to be included in the decoration, and the groom was to have boxing gloves in his hands. The decoration bride’s dress mimicked that of the bride’s actual wedding dress.



Congratulations, Laura and Toni!


Wedding cake decoration

Luka’s 4th birthday cake

Luka's 4th birthday cake



Luka wanted his 4th birthday cake to have a reindeer theme. The flavour was lactose free strawberry quark, icing and the reindeer were fondant.


Congratulations, Luka!

50th birthday garden cake

50th birthday garden cake


Fondant couple


My auntie and her husband celebrated a joint 50th birthday, and the decoration ideas for their cake came from my auntie’s sisters.

The couple’s outfits came from their wedding, and in addition the cake had references to their shared garden project, children, pet tortoise and a hot tub.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. All decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Irja and Jeff!


Fondant children

Fanni’s princess cake


Fanni's princess cake

Sugar fondant princess


7-year-old Fanni celebrated her birthday with a lilac princess themed birthday cake.

The cake had a milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse filling and the princess sitting next to the cake was made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Fanni!


Joel’s police car cake

Joel's police car cake


Joel’s 4th birthday was celebrated already yesterday, but I wasn’t here to post a picture of the cake. The theme was a toy police car with eyes. Apparently Joel himself called this one Police Car Martti.

The cake itself was filled with milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse and covered with mocca butter cream.


Congratulations, Joel!


Parkour cake

Parkour cake


One of my cousin’s son’s hobbies is parkour, so also his birthday cake portrait that theme. The flavour of this cake was milk chocolate and blackcurrant mousse.


Congratulations, Oskari!


Juuso Tapani’s Christening cake

Juuso Tapani's Christening cake


Today was little Juuso Tapani’s Christening, and it was celebrated with this lime and white chocolate flavoured cake, which was decorated with fondant baby shoes, bows and edible cake lace.


Congratulations to Juuso and the entire family!