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Luka’s 4th birthday cake

Luka's 4th birthday cake



Luka wanted his 4th birthday cake to have a reindeer theme. The flavour was lactose free strawberry quark, icing and the reindeer were fondant.


Congratulations, Luka!

50th birthday garden cake

50th birthday garden cake


Fondant couple


My auntie and her husband celebrated a joint 50th birthday, and the decoration ideas for their cake came from my auntie’s sisters.

The couple’s outfits came from their wedding, and in addition the cake had references to their shared garden project, children, pet tortoise and a hot tub.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. All decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Irja and Jeff!


Fondant children

Baby cake

Baby cake
My friend had a baby boy about a week ago and it was celebrated with this peach quark filled cake. Icing and decorations were out of fondant.