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Luukas’s building block cake

Luukas's building block cake



Luukas got to celebrate his 6th birthday with this milk chocolate mousse flavoured building block cake.


Congratulations, Luukas!


Crib cake

Crib cake

Crib cake


This cake went to a customer, whose wish list included a baby cake which was “so special that the recipient won’t believe their eyes. It should have something cute, sophisticated and gentle, pink, salmon pink, lace, glitter or exciting structures”. Another wish was that the cake wouldn’t look at all like a cake.


The cake itself was filled with lactose free strawberry quark, and covered with fondant and cake lace. The crib frame, bunny and flower pillow were made out of fondant.


Crib cake


Crib cake

Iina’s 7th birthday figure skating cake

Iina's 7th birthday figure skating cake



Iina’s 7th birthday with her family was celebrated yesterday with a figure skating theme.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark and iced with buttercream. The skates and the sequins were fondant.


Congratulations, Iina!


Michael’s carrot cake




This carrot cake with orange flavoured cream cheese frosting and dried grated carrot, ground hazelnut and brown sugar topping went to celebrate Michael’s birthday.

With the cake there was also a fondant book with text ‘143 forever!’ I somehow don’t think that marked his age… ;)


Congratulations, Michael!


Iina’s disco cake

Iina's disco cake



7-year-old Iina celebrated her birthday with friends this year with a disco theme. Dancers and the disco ball were made out of fondant, the cake itself was iced with airbrushed buttercream frosting and filled with lactose free strawberry quark.


Congratulations, Iina!


Jonathan’s Christening cake

Jonathan's Christening cake



Today was little Jonathan’s Christening day.




Tree stump cake

Tree stump cake



Today was my niece’s birthday party, and her birthday cake was (according to my niece’s instructions) a tree stump on which were a spider and a real pearl necklace, which she wanted as a birthday present.

This cake was filled with milk chocolate mousse. The icing was airbrushed cocoa buttercream and the sprider was made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Neela!