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Carousel cake

Carousel cake
Carousel cake

Every now and then I get to create a cake which gives me a sensation of child-like excitement. It was also the case with this cake, once it was finally put together.

An organisation, of which I’m also a member, had a theme park themed social event last night, and I had an idea to make a rotating and lit carousel cake to take with me. A friend of mine from the same organisation made me the rotating base, all other parts I made myself.

This cake was partly a hoax, as the only edible parts were the actual red cake with golden pearls and the unicorns made out of fondant. In the middle of the cake was a glass vase with star-punched paper and battery operated LED fairy lights. The carousel roof was made out of cardboard and craft foam sheets with more LED fairy lights (and carousel music playing mobile phone). The unicorns’ poles were made out of wooden barbecue skewers and plastic straws.

The actual cake had a lactose free raspberry quark filling and dyed buttercream icing.


A video of the cake can be found from Facebook by clicking this link.


Carousel cake

Sisu’s train cake

Sisu's train cake

Fondant train and track

6-year-old Sisu’s biggest wish for his birthday was a trip to train museum, so of course his cake continued the same theme.

This cake had a raspberry and white chocolate filling and buttercream icing.


Congratulations, Sisu!


It’s a boy! baby cake

It's a boy! baby cake



This cake went for a new grandma’s workplace to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy. Filled with lactose free raspberry quark.


Congratulations, new parents and grandparents!


Anton’s 4th birthday cake

Anton's 4th birthday cake

Anton's 4th birthday cake

Anton’s 4th birthday cake had police cars, fire engines and ambulances. It was filled with milk chocolate mousse and iced with cocoa buttercream.


Congratulations, Anton!



Anton's 4th birthday cake Anton's 4th birthday cake

Alexey’s building block cake

Alexey's building block cake



8-year-old Alexey’s cake consisted of colourful building blocks and fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate.

The cake was filled with strawberry quark filling, and covered with fondant.


Congratulations, Alexey!


Maj’s 8th birthday cake

Maj's 8th birthday cake

Maj's 8th birthday cake

8-year-old Maj likes dogs and figure skating, so of course her cake was to have a figure skating dog on top.


Inside this cake was a lactose free strawberry quark filling, and it was covered with buttercream icing.


Congratulations, Maj!