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Pavel’s 2nd birthday cake

Pavel's 2nd birthday cake



Little Pavel is 2-years-old already, and even some animals joined to celebrate!

This cake was filled with strawberry quark, and covered with buttercream icing. The decorations were once again made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Pavel!


Fondant lion and elephant    Fondant giraffe

Ami’s 1st birthday cake

Ami's 1st birthday cake

Fondant horseshoe

A short of a year ago I had the honour to make Ami’s Christening cake, and now that little boy turns 1 already!

Ami’s birthday cake had many lucky horseshoes and a lactose-free strawberry quark filling.


Congratulations, Ami!

Sanni’s 6th birthday cake

Sanni's 6th birthday cake


6-year-old Sanni wanted roses and a bow on her cake.

The flavour was lime and white chocolate, the icing was buttercream and all decorations were fondant.


Congratulations, Sanni!