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Island villa cake

Island villa cake

Island villa cake


This cake travelled for the customer’s great aunt’s 90th birthday party. The great aunt had together with her husband had a villa on an island, and apparently she had always set the table very aethetically.


Therefore this cake was to have an island and on it a villa and a beautifully set table. Additionally this cake was supposed to be very aesthetic, so there could also be flowers and pearls around it.

Island villa cake decorations

The flavour of this cake was vanilla and cinnamon apple, and it was iced with buttercream.


Island’s sand was biscuit crumbs, and all decorations were made our ot fondant. To give an idea of the scale, the villa was about 10cm high, so the decorations were rather tiny.



Fondant roses




Island villa made out of fondant

Ville’s goat cake

Goat cake

Goat cake


Every now and then I get requests for rather bizarre cake decorations (usually from children). This was also the case for this cake, which was supposed to have “a road where a goat is licking a fallen down lamp post” and “houses and amazed people in the background”.

Inside this cake was caramel and milk chocolate mousse fillings, and it was iced with cocoa butter cream.


Congratulations, Ville!