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Meri-Tuuli’s Confirmation cake

Meri-Tuuli's confirmation cake Fondant cross

Meri-Tuuli wanted her light green Confirmation cake to have white and pink roses, chocolate swirls and a decorative golden cross necklace. This cake had a lime and white chocolate filling.


Congratulations on your Confirmation, Meri-Tuuli!

Fondant roses

Pebble stream cake

Pebble stream cake

The original pebble stream
50-year-old Jouni built a stream out of pebbles which were dug out of the ground when they were building a deck at their summer cottage. That stream eventually become the theme for his 50th birthday cake.

The cake’s pebbles were made out of fondant and for the stream’s water I brushed on some glucose syrup.

The cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark and iced with cocoa butter cream.
Pebble stream detail

Congratulations, Jouni!

Luka’s 3rd birthday cake

Luka's 3rd birthday cake
Fondant moped


3-year-old Luka wanted a green and yellow cake with “mopeds and quad bikes”.

Inside this cake was a lactose free strawberry quark.

The decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Luka!

Fondant quad bike

Iris’s 6th birthday cake

Iris's 6th birthday cake

Iris wanted her 6th birthday cake to be pink, black and white. Apparently she also likes children’s tattoos with stars, hearts and swirls, so of course her cake needed to have those as well :)

This cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark.


Congratulations, Iris!