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Monster dinosaur cake

Monster dinosaur cake

Fondant dinosaur
10-year-old Robin wanted his birthday cake to have a house-demolishing monster dinosaur.

The cake itself was filled with caramel filling and iced with cocoa buttercream.

Congratulations, Robin!

Four seasons -cake

Four seasons -cake

Four seasons - winter


This cake represents Finland’s four seasons, and was made to celebrate the birthday of Ranidaa, who has now lived in Finland for a few years.

This cake had a lime and white chocolate filling. Winter’s snow was made with moistened caster sugar.


Congratulations, Ranidaa!



Four seasons - autumn


Four seasons - winter


Four seasons - spring


Four seasons - summer

Simple pirate ship cake

Pirate ship cake

Pirate ship cake
I was asked to make a very simple brown pirate ship cake with yellow border. The customer said she would add the crew and a mast with a sail herself.

So this is my vision of a simple pirate ship. It does look a little bare without all the added decorations.

The cake was filled with strawberry quark, and it was frosted with cocoa flavoured buttercream. The yellow decorations were made out of fondant.


Congratulations, Matias!


Player number cake

Player number cake

This cake was filled with lactose free strawberry quark. On top of the cake the customer was going to craft a team logo herself.


Stella’s 3rd birthday cake

Stella's 3rd birthday cake


Sweet little Stella wanted her cake to have hearts and a strawberry filling (her mum added white chocolate to the flavour choice).

Congratulations, Stella!


Oona’s birthday cake

Oona's birthday cake

My friends’ daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday today, and I made her a rushed birthday cake (the picture was also taken in a rush and I didn’t have time to set up a better lighting).

The piping was all over the place (need more practice), but at least the cake tasted good. This whipped cream covered cake had a banana and white chocolate filling.


Congratulations, Oona!


Hardwood floor installation cake

Hardwood floor installation cake

Hardwood floor installation cake



This cake was ordered by a flooring company as a thank you to one of its long-term customers.

This cocoa flavoured cake was filled with milk chocolate mousse.