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Chocolate brownies

Chocolate browniesToday I celebrated my birthday (which was last Friday) with my closest family. When I asked my niece on Friday what treats I should serve at this party, the answer was: “ice cream and cake and sweets. So ice cream with cake crumbs and sweets on top”. Fair enough.

For a little while I wondered which type of cake crumb would go best with ice cream, and I decided to go with chocolate brownies. And when I googled the best possible brownies recipe (with search words “best ever chocolate brownies recipe”), a lot of the results pointed to this particular recipe. It had to be tried, and this did taste pretty good especially with ice cream. Although I’ve never actually made chocolate brownies before, so I had nothing to compare them to…

The original recipe called for unsalted butter with added salt, but I used baking margarine because I just happened to have it already.



Chocolate brownies (20x20cm tray)
 140 g margarine
 250 g caster sugar
 0,5 tsp vanilla sugar/extract
 65 g dark cocoa powder
 2 eggs
 65 g plain flour


Ice cream dessert in my niece's style


Measure the margarine, sugar and cocoa powder into a heat resistant bowl and melt on a double boiler (or in a microwave) mixng every now and then, until the ingredients have melted and the mixture feels hot to the touch. Set aside to cool slightly.

Add eggs one at a time to the mixture stirring vigorously (this word was used in the original recipe : ) ) after each one. Add the flour and mix until evenly combined. Beat vigorously for another 40 strokes and then pour the batter into a tray which has been lined with foil.

Bake in the lower part of a 160°C oven for 20-25 minutes. The brownie-mix is done when a toothpick pressed into the centre of the batter comes out almost clean.

Let cool and cut into squares.


Serve as they are, or in my niece’s style: crumbed with ice cream and sweets : )

Competition, part 3

The competition for a new cake flavour is now finished, and the winner is lime and white chocolate.

I’ll have to make a test version of the new filling soon : )

Ukulele cake

Ukulele cake

Ukulele cake


This ukulele cake is in my own opinion the best cake I’ve made so far. Even the perfectionist in me is amazed of how real looking it turned out. : )

The body of this ukulele is cake with a strawberry filling, and 100% edible. The neck is fondant covered rice krispie treat, and the strings are made out of spaghetti.

(I wonder if this cake was really for the son or for the parents… ; ) )


Congratulations Jasper!


Ukulele cake


Competition, part 2

Two weeks ago I launched a competition on Facebook for a new cake flavour. The competition was very tight, and three new flavours made their way to the next round: mango-passion, lime-white chocolate and pistachio.

The second round of the competition is now ongoing on Facebook, and the winning flavour will hopefully be announced on Sunday at 8pm.


Which one would be your favourite?


Marble cake (“tiger cake”)

Marble cake


Good old marble cake (also known as “tiger cake”) is an old favourite. It’s also one of the first pastries I learned to make as a child.

This tiger cake I took to work to celebrate my birthday and the start of my winter holiday.


Tiger cake
 250 g margarine
 2,5 dl caster sugar
 1 tsp vanilla sugar
 4 eggs
 250 g plain flour
 1,5 tsp baking powder
 2 tbsp dark cocoa powder
 1 dl orange juice


Beat together the sugar, vanilla sugar and softened margarine until fluffy. Add one egg at a time.
Mix the flour and the baking powder together in a separate bowl and add to the batter. Add 0,5dl of orange juice or milk and incorporate to the batter.
Take a few spoonfuls of the batter into another bowl and add the cocoa powder and rest of the liquid.

Pour half of the lighter batter into a greased and bread-crumbed bundt pan, add the dark batter and on top of it rest of the lighter batter. Mix the dark batter into the light one by twisting a fork in an up-right position around the pan whilst also moving the fork up and down in the mix.
Make a groove in the middle of the batter (in a circle around the pan) so that the cake will rise more evenly.

Bake in 175°C for 50-60 minutes. Allow to cool down slightly before turning the cake upright.

Apple cake

Apple cake

Apple cake with pony

6-year-old Iina is a big My Little Pony fan, and she really wanted an MPL cake. Any other pony cake just wouldn’t do.

Due to copyright reasons I of course couldn’t make an actual MLP cake, but in the end we reached a compromise with an apple shaped cake and a toy pony (which her mother brought to me) on top.

Only the stem and the leaf were fondant. The cake itself had a very finely smoothed butter cream frosting, and the colour was air brushed on.

Inside of course was an apple filling, what else : )


Congratulations Iina!




To celebrate the upcoming spring (and my birthday), I decided to have a competition on Juhlakuu’s Facebook page (only in Finnish, sorry). This competition will result in a brand new cake flavour, which will be launched on Friday 21st of February 2014.


Until this, the cake flavours have been:


Cake flavours:

Strawberry-white chocolate * / Strawberry-quark
Raspberry-white chocolate * / Raspberry-quark
Vanilla and cinnamon apple
Chocolate mousse (white- / milk- / dark-/ mint-) *
Caramel *
Tiramisu *
*) not available lactose free!