Monthly Archives: October 2013

Multimeter cake


This time the order was for a slightly more unusual cake: a multimeter cake for a leaving party.

The meter’s wires were licorice lace found from a video rental shop’s pick’n'mix counter, other decorations were fondant (apart from the meter wire tips, which were tooth picks painted with silver luster dust).

The flavour of this cake was strawberry and white chocolate.


Birthday cake for snowboarding boys


This cake was ordered with quite a short notice, but this time my schedule and sugar fondant stock allowed me to take the order.



This cake was a surprise birthday cake for a 12-year-old Roope and 11-year-old Taavi, and inside this time was a strawberry-quark filling.

Once again I was given a free hand for the execution, as well as a tip that the boys liked snowboarding. And here’s the result.

And the cake was crooked on purpose. A snowboarding slope can’t be straight now can it! :)


Congratulations Roope and Taavi!


Mango-quark cake

This mango-quark cake was the second alternative on Roope’s and Taavi’s birthday.

The decorations on top are piped in white chocolate.

Christening cake for twin boys


For this cake I received quite clear instructions on how the cake should look like. Only the cradle and the blanket were my ideas.

After this cake I regret that I haven’t had the time to practice my piping enough, as the lines of the swirls  in this cake aren’t as clean as they should be. I will now give myself piping practice homework to ensure that my piping is better on my next cake!

Dolphin cake topper


This marshmallow fondant covered dolphin carved out of rice krispies treats went to decorate my good friend’s first born son’s birthday cake. (Although slightly more reddish, as for some reason the air brushed surface changed colour when it got slightly moist while in my self-defrosting fridge… But doesn’t every little boy like a pink dolphin..? :) )

Congratulations Oskari!


My friend’s 30th birthday cake



A week ago my really good friend’s husband sent me an invite to my friend’s surprise birthday party, and of course I agreed to make the cake (that way I don’t have to figure out what present to get… ;) )


This cake came together almost itself, as the idea was just to make “something” beautiful and elegant, but with a touch of glamour as well.


The cake topper in its entirety was made out of sugar, and for the flavour I chose lactose-free strawberry-quark as it appeals to most people’s taste.


Congratulations Outi!